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The Recce Mission is an epic adventure that will take you to the boundaries of physical and mental toughness while enjoying the wonders of nature and being human. The 2018 Recce Mission consists of two single stage ultra-endurance events:

  • 200 km Recce MTB Mission (Callsign 22/200/4000)
  • 100 km Recce Trail Mission (Callsign 24/100/3000)

The Recce Mission is supported by shorter ‘Jammie’ events that make use of the same routes as the Recce Mission events:

  • 150 km MTB Jammie
  • 56 km Trail Jammie

The Recce Light Duty half marathon events cater for Friends & Family that want to share this epic adventure with the real warriors…

  • 40 km Recce MTB Light Duty
  • 21 km Recce Trail Light Duty
Recce MTB Mission 200 km 4000 m Extreme & Recce style ultra endurance
Recce MTB ‘Jammie’ 150 km 3000 m An epic MTB adventure
Recce MTB Relay 200 km 3000 m 3-stages (55/60/85 km each)
Recce MTB ‘Light Duty’ 40 km 1000 m MTB half marathon equivalent
Recce Trail Mission 100 km 3000 m Extreme & Recce style ultra endurance
Recce Trail ‘Jammie’ 56 km 2000 m Ultra trail marathon, not for 1st timers
Recce Trail ‘Light Duty’ 21 km 1000 m Trail half marathon equivalent

The Recce Mission takes place in the Highlands area of Mpumalanga in South Africa, a very hostile region with hardly a flat section. All events start at Fort Highland on the edge of the Eastern escarpment and finish at Fort Mission in the friendly town of Dullstroom.

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The mission has a strong Recce flavour. It is presented and supported by the legendary Recces during an ambush moon – mountain bikers and trail runners will experience a full moon making it ideal for a surprise ambush.

The Recce Mission consists of the MTB Mission and the Trail Mission ultra endurance events. Each event has a call-sign referring to the cut-off time and the route’s estimated distance and elevation gain. The Recce ‘Jammie’ and Recce ‘Light Duty’ are support events on the Recce Mission routes. ‘Jammie’ is the terminology used for Special Forces support personnel that are not directly involved in a mission, but critical to the outcome and success of any mission. ‘ Light Duty’ is the terminology used for Recce personnel that are incapable of extreme fitness exercises due to injury or health reasons.

The Recce Mission passes through iconic and unique landscapes, including the Eastern Escarpment, the Kwena Basin, the mysterious Coromandel Estate, Verlorenvallei wetlands – an international RAMSAR site, the Eastern Escarpment, the Steenkampsberg and De Berg – which is the highest point in the northern part of the country, natural forests and plantations, idyllic and remote valleys, gorges, waterfalls and more.

River crossings, darkness and tiredness on energy sapping ascents and treacherous descents, as well as ‘hostile’ activities or ‘no-go’ zones along the routes will add to the adventure but may compromise or delay progress to the target zone, and back to the Recce Base.

Final route options will depend on:

  • Enemy and hostile activities in the area
  • Collaboration and support from Local Population
  • Accessibility and escape routes
  • Water and food replenishment.

The maximum number of participants in the Recce Mission is limited to the number of qualified Recce Operators in the history of the South African Special Forces.

Not everybody will conquer the Recce Mission. Those that do will become the proud owners of the uniquely numbered Special Forces style stainless steel Recce Mission dogtag. Those that don’t will be classified as ‘Jammies’; most of these will keep trying until they become the proud owners of the coveted Recce Mission dogtag!