Compulsory Gear

Compulsory gear includes the following items:

  • Helmet: No Helmet, No MTB Mission
  • GPS device: Navigational unit with spare batteries or battery pack to ensure participants can navigate the entire Mission and Jammie routes.
  • Mobile phone: Charged and preferably not to be used for Strava unless you have a back-up battery or charger
  • Race numbers: Issued number plate attached to front of bicycle for MTB Mission and Dual Mission, issued bib number attached on front of shirt for Trail Mission and Dual Mission
  • Lights: Spot lights on head / helmet or on MTB handlebar for all Recce Mission and Jammie events, and red tail light at back of MTB for all MTB Mission and Jammie events. Both the spot light and tail lights are to be used from sunset to sunrise, while these might also be required during day time due to heavy fog at the high altitudes about 2000 m ASL.
  • Water bottles: Each rider and trail runner should carry at least two water bottles – depending on your route decisions riders and trail runners might have to go for several hours without any water re-supply zones. Riders and trail runners should however not dehydrate along the route as virtually every creek and fountain is flowing along the entire route with some of the best, purest and cleanest water available in Mpumalanga.
  • Weather protection: Light weight windproof jacket or a space blanket is required for the Recce Mission and Moon Jammie events. Most areas are very remote with no GSM coverage, especially the night time sections. If riders or trail runners require medical attention or assistance it might take some time for medics to reach them.
  • Other gear: All the necessary bicycle spares, money or Credit Card for purchasing spares at the Temporary Base mechanical support stations, warm or protective gear for night riding and trail running, extra spot light or headlight batteries, dry clothing and other stuff that you might need to survive the Recce Mission.

Riders and trail runners should not make a linear extrapolation of the expected time that it will take them to cover the Recce Mission or the Moon Jammie routes based on the projected route distance. Expect to be out on the route most of the night and ensure you are adequately equipped to survive the Recce Mission.