Entries opening: The Recce Mission entries opened 20 September 2017

Number of entries available: There is a limited number of just over 1050 entries available for all eight events Recce Mission and Jammie events – this number is equal to the number of Recce Operators that qualified since the inception of the South African Special Forces in 1972 until 2017

Entries closing: Entries close on 28 February 2018 or when the allocated number of participants for each event has been reached

Event Category Format Entry Fee
Recce Mission events Heavy Solo R1,750
Small Team Team of 2 R3,000
Assault Team 3 Team of 3 R4,500
Assault Team 4 Team of 4 R5,500
Jammie events Noon Jammie Solo R750
Moon Jammie Solo R1,250
Jammie Relay Relay Team of 3 R1,750

Entries include:

  • Spectacular routes with turn-offs marked, electronic maps and route instructions
  • Hydration, food supplies and ratpacks at (some) Check Points
  • Hydration and nutritional advise and support before, during and after the event
  • Technical support & crate delivery at one Check Point on the Recce Trail Mission and at two Check Points on the Recce MTB Mission and the Recce Dual Mission