Entries opening: The Recce Mission entries opened 20 September 2017

Number of entries available: There is a limited number of just over 1050 entries available for all eight events Recce Mission and Jammie events – this number is equal to the number of Recce Operators that qualified since the inception of the South African Special Forces in 1972 until 2017

Entries closing: Entries close on 6 April 2018 or when the allocated number of participants for each event has been reached

Event Category Format Entry Fee
Recce Mission events Heavy Solo R1,750
Small Team Team of 2 R3,000
Assault Team 3 Team of 3 R4,500
Assault Team 4 Team of 4 R5,500
Jammie events Jammie Solo R1,250
Recce MTB Relay Relay Team of 3 R1,750
  Recce Dual Relay Relay Team of 2 R1,500
Light Duty events Light Duty Solo R500

Spectacular routes with turn-offs marked, electronic maps and route instructions

Entries include:

  • Hydration, food supplies and ratpacks at (some) Check Points
  • Hydration and nutritional advise and support before, during and after the event
  • Recce Mission buff and Cap
  • Technical support & crate delivery at one Check Point on the Recce Trail Mission and at two Check Points on the Recce MTB Mission and the Recce Dual Mission

Refunds: The event organisers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time and the event can be cancelled due to any circumstances – refer to Recce Mission Terms & Conditions. Refund requests must be made in writing via email and be received prior to the scheduled refund cut-off dates. Refund cut off dates and associated refund scales are as follows:

  • Before 1 March 2018: 50% refund of entry fee paid
  • After 1 March 2018: No refund

Refunds will not be given if the number of riders in your team is reduced, regardless of the circumstances.

Substitutions: There is a R250 substitution fee payable before the entry will be transferred to another person – refer to Recce Mission Terms & Conditions. Substitution requests and payments must be made in writing via email and be received prior to the scheduled substitution cut-off date of 13 April 2018.