All finishers will receive a free Recce craft beer and a big hamburger at Fort Recce. Finishers and registered supporters will have access to Fort Highland Recce Pub after the races to enjoy other liquid refreshments at ‘military’ prices.

Recce Mission dogtag

The Special Forces Operators Badge is worn solely and exclusively by qualified Recce operators. Each Special Forces Operator’s Badge has a unique number and can only be issued once to a specific soldier. This personal identity token identifies each Recce operator.

So in that theme, each Recce Mission finisher receives a uniquely numbered Special Forces style Recce Mission polished stainless steel dogtags. Similar to the Special Forces Operators Badge, this number can only be issued once to a Recce Mission finishers. Recce Mission 2019 dogtags start with the following numbers:

  • Recce MTB Mission –          22/200/4000 dogtag (starting at No.72)
  • Recce Trail Mission –           24/100/3000 dogtag (starting at No.3)
  • Recce Dual Mission –          24/200/3000 dogtag (starting at No.2)

The first finishers for the MTB Mission, the Trail Mission and the Dual Mission also receive a golden Recce Mission dogtag.

Qualified Recce operators that finish the Recce Mission receive a Recce Mission dogtag that contains the unique number engraved on their personal Special Forces Operator’s Badges.

Finishers of each of the Recce Mission events that have already received a unique numbered dogtag might hand back their Recce Mission dogtag for a dogtag with a duplicated unique number already been issued to that participant.

Jammie dogtag

Jammie finishers all receive a military style ‘Jammie’ dogtag.

Light Duty medal

Light Duty finishers all receive a Recce Light Duty medal.

Time Cut-offs

Time cut-offs apply on all the Recce Mission routes, as well as on the Jammie routes. Any Recce Mission mountain biker or trail runner who do not make any of the time cut-offs on the Recce Mission routes has failed the mission and will automatically join the Jammie brigade. Any mountain biker or trail runner who do not to make the time cut-offs on the Jammie routes has failed the mission and will be RTU (Return-To-Unit).

Should some team members make the distance within the Mission cut-off time limit while the rest fall just outside the limit (still complying to the rules) – then only those making it within the limit will qualify for a uniquely numbered Recce Mission dogtag. The team will be disqualified and the members that did not make the cut-off time will receive a Jammie dogtag.

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Trail Mission2
Dual Mission2
Dare Q E2