Recce Clothing


Recce MTB Mission cycle shirts are exclusively available to entrants to the MTB Mission (22/200/4000). Recce Allegiance cycle shirts are available to everybody.

  • Pre-orders can be made when entering for the MTB Mission or one of the Jammie MTB events.
  • Both Recce MTB Mission and Recce Allegiance cycle shirts will be available for sale at Registration and at the Closing Ceremony. Limited stock is available, and post event orders can be placed at SASFA.
  • Price per shirt is R750 each.

Other Recce apparel available for purchase at Registration and at the Closing Ceremony include the following:

  • Recce Oilskin peaks and Recce Allegiance peaks
  • Recce leather ‘Stetson’ hats and belts
  • Recce shirts and pants.


Add this one of a kind jersey to your arsenal upon checkout..