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South African Special Forces Association

The South African Special Forces Association (SASFA) is a formal and professional Military Veterans Organisation. SASFA strives to be a-political and to maintain good relations with relevant government departments and its internal structures.  SASFA is strongly affiliated with the full-time serving members of Special Forces and it maintains close ties with the standing South African Special Forces Head Quarters and their affiliated units.

The reason for SASFA in the Special Forces Community is to uphold the ethos of professional excellence since its inception in 1972 until today. Membership of SASFA is available to all retired and serving members of the South African Special Forces. The current relationship with the full time serving component of the South African Special Forces is valued and respected, as this is a vital part of ensuring that the legacy of the Special Forces soldier in South Africa will sustain itself into the future of those still to come.

The ‘Recces’ are a special brand of people and the Association’s membership is open to all retired Operators as well as Support Staff of the South African Special Forces Community who qualify according to the constitutional requirements. Serving Special Forces personnel will automatically be considered as affiliated members.  SASFA respects and acknowledges different timelines and phases in South Africa’s history and in doing so it embraces the past, the present and the future into one ‘esprit de corps’.

SASFA is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation.  Its mission is to foster healthy opportunities for the interaction between retired members of Special Forces in order to maintain the history, unique capability, legacy and comradeship of the Special Forces Community. The main purpose is to safeguard and uphold the legacies and traditions of the Special Forces Community, and where necessary, to assist serving members intending to leave the service to successfully integrate into civil society. SASFA sets itself to remember and maintain the proud history, standards, traditions and legacy of Special Forces and to remember and honour fallen comrades.

Special Forces in South Africa has – since its inception – been a non-racial, progressive and dynamic organisation, where entry and status has always been determined only by an individual’s personal abilities, regardless of race or creed. It has one of – if not the – most arduous selection processes and possibly the longest and most detailed Training Cycle of all Special Forces internationally. The quality of the South African Special Forces Operators has enabled them to conduct operations that have been deemed to be impossible by others. SASFA takes pride in how it had to lead others in the principles of an integrated society and will continue to do so. It also maintains professional relations with other official veteran organisations, both locally and internationally.