Recce Mission

The Recce Mission events all start and finish at the Fort Highland Recce Base on the edge of the Eastern Escarpment near Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. To complete the Recce Mission, mountain bikers or trail runners need to –

  • Complete the physically and mentally tough Recce Mission within the allowable time
  • Pass through several checkpoints (called CPs) along the routes
  • Pass a number of strategic targets along the routes
  • MTB riders or Trail Runners who do not make any of the time cut-offs have failed the mission. These MTB riders and Trail Runners can continue as Jammies, or they will be extracted and Returned-to-Unit (RTU).
Discipline Event Callsign Cut-off Distance Elevation Gain
MTB MTB Mission 22/200/4000 22 hrs 220 km 4000 m
Trail Running Trail Mission 24/100/3000 24 hrs 100 km 3000 m
Trail Running & MTB Dual Mission 25/200/5000 24 hrs 200 km 5000 m


Mountain bikers or trail runners can participate in the Recce Mission in four categories:

  • Heavy’ or solo
  • Small Team’ of 2 people
  • Assault Team 3’ of 3 people

Assault Team 4’ of 4 people


Mountain bikers will cover more than 200 km on tar, district, railway service, forest and farm roads, as well as Jeep track and single track.

The total elevation gain is approximately 4,000 meters with the minimum altitude at 1,200 meters ASL and the highest point at 2,332 meters ASL. The route comprises three legs with similar distances and elevation gain