Route Instructions


Route markings:

Riders and trail runners must follow the route instructions for the Recce Mission and Jammie events as these routes are unmarked and must be self-navigated. Most of the turn-offs for the Light Duty events are marked and these riders and trail runners must always follow the marked routes. Riders and trail runners must be self-sufficient between TBs and CPs as no support other than medical evacuation will be provided between these points.


Riders or trail runners that want to abort the Recce Mission or Jammie events need to do so at a TB or Check Point and inform the TB or CP Captain of his / her decision. Transport will be provided back to Fort Highland Recce Base for all riders and trail runners that abort the Recce Mission or a Jammie event. Due to the remoteness of WPs riders or Trail runners that abandon the Recce Mission or a Jammie event will have to wait either until logistic support arrive or until the TB or CP is aborted by the Recce Mission support crew.

NO-GO areas:

Be forewarned, there are NO-GO areas along the routes due to hostile enemy activities. Riders or trail runners captured at these locations or areas will become POWs and will immediately been RTUed with no further participation in the Recce Mission.

Check Points:

Participants will pass through various Check Points along the route; some of these CPs might coincide with TBs. At these points all riders’ Race Number Plates will be logged, or riders will be issued with a token to proof that they have passed through the CP.