The Recce Mission has the following event rules that will be applied throughout the event:

Rule #1: The Recce Mission route traverses spectacular mountains, valleys, natural forests and plantations along rivers and dams – respect nature.

Rule #2: The Recce Mission is an environmental friendly endeavour and a strict no-littering policy applies along the routes; any rider or trail runners found guilty of transgressing this rule will face immediate disqualification, and be prevented from entering any future Recce Missions.

Rule #3: The Recce Mission makes use of private farm and forestry land, concessions and nature conservancies, as well as public places, and riders are obliged to adhere to and to comply at all times with general traffic rules and all the terms and conditions required in any permits issued by third parties and/or landowners for making use of such access routes.

Rule #4: Riders and trail runners can expect wild and farm animals, river crossings and or other obstacles that may require the assistance of a buddy to cross, and each rider or trail runner is responsible to ensure that he or she is in a condition to cross such obstacles in a safe manner.

Rule #5: Riders and/or trail runners need to respect each other along the route; in the event of a medical emergency it is expected that co-participants assist the injured or incapacitated participant until such time that a medical team arrives.

Rule #6: Any person intending to participate in a Recce Mission event is obliged to submit the ‘Recce Mission – Medical Questionnaire’ completed by a General Practitioner at registration prior to the start of the event; no Medical Questionnaire no race number.

Rule #7: Any person intending to participate in a Recce Mission is obliged to complete the ‘Recce Mission – Limitation of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement’ at registration prior to the start of the event; no Indemnity no race number.

Rule #8: No seeding applies for any of the Recce Mission events and participants start the MTB Mission, the Trail Mission, the Dual Mission and the Jammie events in single blocks at the allocated start times.

Rule #9: Riders and trail runners must follow the route instructions for the Recce Mission and Jammie events. Most of the turn-offs are marked and riders and trail runners must always follow the marked routes. Riders and trail runners must be self-sufficient between Temporary Bases and/or Check Points as no support other than medical evacuation will be provided between these points.

Rule #10: Time cut-off apply at certain points along the routes that will ensure everybody completes the Recce Mission within the allocated time, as well as to ensure everybody’s safety and compliance with the route requirements.

Rule #11: There are NO-GO areas along the routes due to hostile enemy activities. Riders or trail runners captured at these locations or areas will become POWs and will immediately been RTUed with no further participation in the Recce Mission.

Rule #12: Riders or trail runners that want to abort the Recce Mission or Jammie events need to do so at a Temporary Bases or Check Point and inform the TB or CP Captain of his / her decision. Transport will be provided back to the Recce Mission Base for all riders and trail runners that abort the Recce Mission or a Jammie event. Due to the remoteness of TBs and CPs riders or trail runners that abandon the Recce Mission or a Jammie event should wait either until logistic support arrive or until the TB or CP is evacuated by the Recce Mission support crew.

MTB events only:

  • A MTB tandem can enter as a Small Team or as part of an Assault Team. When entering as part of an Assault Team a MTB tandem counts as two members of the Assault Team.
  • Riders can enter in any category with a single speed MTB. However, it is advisable to enter in the Solo category as attempting and finishing the Recce MTB Mission on single speed will classify you as a ‘Heavy’ in Recce MTB terms.